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    ​Pin-Priority:​ 1001    ​Pin-Priority:​ 1001
-Otherwise, install '​sparky-apt' ​4.x package ​to do so.+Otherwise, install '​sparky-apt' ​and '​sparky5-apt'​ packages ​to do so.
 ==== Public key ==== ==== Public key ====
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 Then install it: Then install it:
    sudo dpkg -i /​path/​to/​sparky-keyring_VERSION_all.deb    sudo dpkg -i /​path/​to/​sparky-keyring_VERSION_all.deb
-   sudo apt-get update+   sudo apt-key add /​usr/​share/​keyrings/​sparkylinux.gpg.key
-or get the key manually ('wget' has to be installed):+or get the key manually ('wget2' has to be installed):
-   wget -O - https://​​repo/​sparkylinux.gpg.key | sudo apt-key add -+   wget2 -O - https://​​repo/​sparkylinux.gpg.key | sudo apt-key add -
-<WRAP center info 100%> 
-Important ! 
-Sparky of the "​stable"​ line uses Sparky "​stable"​ and "​testing"​ repositories. 
-<WRAP center info 100%> 
-Make sure you have '​apt-transport-https'​ package installed (Sparky up to 4.x only). 
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