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Minimum system requirements

SparkyLinux is designed for both old and new computers, and small single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi. Sparky can be installed on both 32 and 64 bit machines with either a BIOS or a UEFI equipped motherboard.

The minimum requirements to install Sparky:

  • CPU:
    • i686 (32bit) or amd64 (64bit) Pentium 4, or AMD Athlon
  • RAM memory:
    • 128 MB – CLI Edition
    • 256 MB – LXDE, LXQt, Openbox
    • 512 MB – Xfce
  • SWAP partition:
    • 512 MB or larger
  • Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive:
    • 2 GB (CLI edition)
    • 10 GB (“Home” editions)
    • 20 GB (GameOver/Multimedia)
  • Optical drive (CD/DVD) or USB port with USB Flash Drive

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