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 +===== Manokwari Desktop =====
 +"​Manokwari is a desktop shell for GNOME 3 with Gtk+ and HTML5 frontend. Manokwari is used by BlankOn Linux distribution."​
 +==== Installation ====
 +Manokwari is a home roasted package and available from Sparky repositories;​ can be installed in two ways:
 +1. Sparky [[aptus|APTus]] provides an option which lets you install one of 20 about desktops, including Manokwari, alongside an existing desktop.
 +2. By APT:
 +   sudo apt update
 +   sudo apt install sparky-desktop-manokwari
 +{{:​sparky-manokwari2.png?​400|Manokwari Desktop}}
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