Author Topic: Hi all, I am ready to share, help and comment ;-)  (Read 369 times)

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Hi all, I am ready to share, help and comment ;-)
« on: September 01, 2018, 12:34:52 pm »
Hi Sparkers,

I started Linux as a cheap opportunity to deal with a "Unix" clone in 1995 or 1996 in France where I still live.
The available distros at this time were SlackWare and Debian provided on floppies then on CDs.

I remember how all was painful (all devices, X11 graphic interface...) and often, I was happy to go back to work on Microsoft DOS/Windows or Novell OS that I mastered and appreciated a lot.

I always have a great pleasure to improve my knowledge in Operating System and all computer sciences.
I have no lifetime to waste in old stupid computer trolls like Microsoft vs Apple vs Linux, Linux vs BSD, Gnome vs KDE and so on...

I register to this forum because I disagree with what WikiPedia says about SparkyLinux, for me it is one of the most Desktop orientated distro I never tested, with great value added tools, providing to any leveled users an excellent and flexible Operating System based on one of the best and perennial Linux distro.

My SpakyLinux's choices : I use/play with on many computers reals or virtuals the testing/rolling version 5.4 LXQT from which I replace LXQT by the full Openbox Desktop + the LXDE Desktop that I prefer (up to LXQT will provide all the LXDE's customizations).

I also use Raspian x86 which is the winner in providing a complete desktop named Pixel for the smallest RAM usage, I'm waiting the official Raspian x64.

My best OS wish (utopian dream) : would be an OS with the low RAM usage of a Raspian Pixel, with the value added of APTus and Sparky's tools, with the value added of OpenSuse's Yast2 and the powerfull and beautiful interface of KDE4 or KDE5.

On my most powerfull PCs, I like to use CentOS 7.x and KDE4 or OpenSuse TumbleWeed and KDE5 Plasma & Yast2.

I use a lot VirtualBox, VMware Workstation/ESXi, I used a lot Citrix XenServer.

I would also be interested by a French SparkyLinux forum.

Thanks for reading
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Re: Hi all, I am ready to share, help and comment ;-)
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2018, 08:02:36 pm »
Welcome.   I could say more but I will read your posts closely because you have longer experience than I and appear to have gotten paid doing it.  I am a hobbyist.  Again, welcome. 
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