Author Topic: I've Got 5 Threads Going at Once, and Finally Got One to Cpmplete  (Read 1499 times)

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This is not fun.  This Web Browser changes state and the Desktop flips due to some key or mouse combinations, I get back to this site, might get to an existing new topic, but if I don't, I have no idea what to do next to undo what has happened.  That's because I don't know what got me here in the first place.  All that I can see that I have any certanty about is the lower panel that says Desktop 1 or 2, and the apps I have open on that desktop.  Ever think about adding some settings for the mouse and touchpad to this distro?  Ubuntu has some, but not enough.  You can't toggle the touchpad completely off, though you can make it so that it does not read a touch as aclick, or if it scrolls if 2 fingers are used.  I also get an icon that brings up the desktop on top of open apps. not that there is much to choose from there.

Hey!  I just found a part of my problem!  A single thumb. lightly brushing the touchpad, caused a flip action to a different new topic screen!  That's a start.  Maybe I can finish up these two before something makes me revert to Desktop 1.  Let's post this one and move on.  Curse the person thst decided the palm rest area was the best place for a touchpad.  Curse all those other OEMs for following suit in their design.  And curse those that decided a touchscreen needed to be on a laptop, as there is no good use or purpose for it there, not when you have a mouse, trackball, or touchpad (with a finger or fat stylus tio in the way, you cannot precisely see or control the mouse cursor or when it registers as a touch on a touchscreen).